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Indonesian police are trying to identify a pregnant woman who was found buried in a shallow grave near a toll road in East Jakarta.

On April 7, Irfan Jaya found the body after he sensed a foul smell about 10 meters from the Jagorawi toll road in Makasar subdistrict, The Jakarta Post reported. The corpse was found buried 30 centimeters underground and covered in banana leaves.

The body had reportedly been there for about two days before Jaya alerted the police.

Lindang Lumban Toruan, a local police chief said the woman is about 25 years old and is not a registered citizen as her fingerprints did not match with any in their official database.

A forensic examination on the woman suggested she was about eight or nine months pregnant and had been physically abused. The cause of death is said to be blows to her head.

The authorities have distributed notices describing the characteristics of the woman in the hope of helping her family locate her. Her body is currently being kept at the Kramat Jati Police Hospital in East Jakarta.

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