The pack of boars were seen casually walking next to a road in Staffordshire. Photo: YouTube.

A family of wild boars were seen casually roaming by the side of a road in the United Kingdom, leaving drivers astonished.

The scene was captured in a video by a local resident named Wendy Pountney on April 16, which saw a mother boar and seven little piglets walking next to a road in Burntwood, Staffordshire, Staffordshire Live reported.

Internet commentators, to no one’s surprise, were impressed by the piglets’ cuteness, with one even saying that they wanted one.

Staffordshire County Council’s member for communities Gill Heath said the council does not know where the boars came from or how they got there. She also warned residents to exercise caution when they see wild boars.

On April 14, a 72-year-old man was reportedly charged at by an adult boar, and the authorities suspect the mother boar in the video may have been the assailant. The local authorities issued a warning to citizens in the area as a result.

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