Tiger numbers have plunged in the wild over the past century, but there has been progress in Nepal and elsewhere in South Asia to restore their habitats. Photo: iStock

Two poachers from Vietnam were arrested by Malaysian authorities after they were found in possession of the body parts of bears and tigers.

The two unnamed men, aged 25 and 29, were arrested on April 15 at a national park in eastern Terengganu state, VN Express reported. A wildlife enforcement team made the arrests.

According to Water, Land and Natural Resources minister Xavier Jayakumar, the two had claws and teeth belonging to the Malayan tiger, a critically endangered animal with only a small number left in the wild.

He added that the two men also had bear teeth, claws and boar feet in their possession. Hunting equipment such as machetes, axes and trap wires were seized as well. Jayakumar said the men would be detained for three days while authorities conduct an investigation.

Exotic wild animal body parts are sought after in the black market, often raking in high prices. In Asian countries, they are used in traditional remedies as animal body parts are wrongly believed to be beneficial for health.

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