Iao Hon Park in Macau. Photo: Google Maps

Judiciary police in Macau have arrested a Vietnamese couple for allegedly blackmailing a fellow countryman.

A Vietnamese man surnamed Dang, 38, believed to be a cleaning worker, and a Vietnamese woman, who does domestic work and is also 38, were detained for alleged blackmail and theft, Macao Daily News reported.

It was understood that the victim, a Vietnamese migrant worker, had a drink with friends in Iao Hon Park on Saturday night but he fell asleep in the park. When he woke up at 3am on Sunday, he found that his mobile phone worth around 8,000 Macau patacas (US$991) and his work permit were missing.

The victim called his own number and a man answered and asked for 1,000 Macau patacas if he wanted to get the phone back. The victim agreed.

However, Dang, the suspect texted the victim a message and asked for 2,000 Macau patacas instead. So, the victim reported the case to police.

On Tuesday, when the suspect called the victim again, he allegedly asked for 1,500 patacas and the two agreed to meet up in a restaurant. After hanging up, the victim reported the latest information to the police.

At 1pm, the female suspect appeared at the restaurant. When she collected the money from the victim, officers arrested her and the male suspect Dang, who was nearby.

The pair was then sent to the public prosecutors’ office for further management.

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