Tochigi in Japan. Photo; iStock

Police in Japan arrested two Vietnamese citizens for shoplifting and they are suspected of being part of a large gang.

Bui Huy Hoang and an unnamed female accomplice entered a store in Kanuma City on March 26 and allegedly stole cosmetics and other objects valued at about 130,000 Yen (US$1,166,), VN Express reported. The two fled in a vehicle.

On the same day, police in the Tochigi Prefecture arrested the duo after a store owner complained that foreigners had stolen items from his shop. Police say the gang, mainly made up of Vietnamese nationals, targeted drug stores in Tochigi and had been linked to more than 70 cases of robbery.

Official statistics indicate that 5,140 crimes in Japan were committed by Vietnamese in 2017, with 2,037 of them shoplifting.

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