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A student in Indonesia who arrived for an important year-end school examination wore sunglasses after the computer screen she had to work with proved to be too bright for her eyes.

Amelia, a grade-12 student at a senior high school in Tangerang, Banten, realized the brightness of computer monitors supplied for students to take the examination was too bright when she undertook trial tests in recent months, The Jakarta Post reported.

In Indonesian high schools, the year-end examination, conducted on computers, is known as the computer-based national exam, and is required to be done this way by the Education and Culture Ministry.

Amelia said that she learned during trial examinations that her eyes cannot take continued exposure to bright computer screens. When she spoke to her teacher about it, the teacher rejected a request to reduce the screen’s brightness and instead advised her to bring sunglasses.

When she showed up for the examination with sunglasses, her classmates were surprised and some of them laughed at her. However, she was not the only student who found the screens too bright. One of her classmates even asked to borrow her sunglasses when her head started hurting.

Amelia is optimistic about her exam results.

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