The Filipino was detained at Fangliao Precinct in Pingting city. Photo:

A foreign man thought to be acting suspiciously in Pingtung city in southern Taiwan was intercepted by local police and found to be a wanted Filipino – living in the country illegally after leaving his job three years earlier.

When two officers, surnamed Lin and Huang, from Fangliao Precinct in Pingtung County Police Bureau, were patrolling on Wuding Road in Jiadong Town, they noted the man, who appeared evasive, The Real Daily reported on April 16, citing a government release.

The officers came forward to stop the man from running away, and asked for his personal identification papers. The man remained mostly silent and refused to hand in any documents.

Judging by his foreign accent and reluctance to cooperate, the two officers conducted a body search and found the suspect’s residence permit. It said he was a Filipino migrant worker.

However, his work permit was invalid.

The police checked the official system and found that the Filipino man had run away from his former employer in Taoyuan, as far back as March 2016. And he had gone south till he reached Pingtung county.

So, the officers arrested him for violating the Immigration Act, and referred him to the Pingtung office of the National Immigration Agency.

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