A police department in Taipei City, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A 38-year-old woman, who was sent back to Vietnam after being caught conducting vice activities in Taipei in 2017, was arrested early this month for illegal entry to the country – and providing sex services again.

Taipei police raided a unit in April 2018 and caught the woman, surnamed Nguyen, in the act of an illegal sexual transaction with a 45-year-old Taiwanese man, the China Times reported.

Investigators found that the woman had previous records of violating the Employment Services Acts by doing illegal work as a prostitute as early as 2017.

The woman initially entered Taiwan as a domestic caregiver but was soon recruited by a human trafficking syndicate, who offered her accommodation in a suite in Zhongshan district to be a sex worker.

In July 2017, she was arrested in an undercover operation, when police obtained evidence of her offering sexual services. Nguyen was then repatriated and barred from entering the island again.

But after being repatriated the woman, a mother of two, did not have a stable job to raise her children in Vietnam, so she paid a trafficking syndicate US$6,000 to get back into Taiwan in March this year.

The traffickers took her and five other passengers – Vietnamese and mainland Chinese, on a 63-hour journey from Ha Long Bay off Hanoi to northern Taiwan.

Nguyen said as soon as they arrived, each departed by different routes.

As arranged, she moved into a unit in Zhongshan district, where she worked as a prostitute again, charging from TW$1,700 to TW$2,000 (US$55-US$65) per transaction and making bookings with customers via the LINE messaging app.

The authorities expect to make further arrests of those involved in the trafficking syndicate, by tracking down a tenant in the rented unit, and other related people.

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