The owner of the stolen motorcycle chased the thief all the way to central Jakarta. Photo: iStock.

A suspected motorcycle thief in Indonesia passed out after the bike’s owner chased him down until he became exhausted.

Local police chief Lukman Cahyono said the suspect allegedly stole a motorbike that was parked outside a house in Kreo, Larangan, Tangerang on April 8, The Jakarta Post reported. He added that at the time the motorcycle’s engine was running as its owner was warming it up.

The bike’s owner saw the suspect stealing his vehicle and gave chase on another motorcycle. The owner chased the suspect all the way to Tanah Abang in Central Jakarta, where the stolen machine came to a halt when its engine failed.

The suspect then got off the bike and started running. He reportedly ran through a canal and passed out just after he got out of the water.

Cahyono said police arrested the thief, who was unconscious when he was caught. The owner of the stolen motorcycle was able to recover it and have it brought home.

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