Kajang District Police Headquarters in Selangor, Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps

The influential Malaysian couple suspected of abusing their three Indonesian domestic workers returned from abroad and were remanded for nine hours by police on Wednesday morning.

The husband and wife, who had the titles Tan Sri and Puan Sri but whose identities were not revealed, were taken into custody by Kajang police from 8 am on April 3 and were immediately referred to the magistrate’s court in Kajang for remand for nine hours until 5 pm, the China Press reported.

According to a report, the three women aged between 25 and 41 had been working at the suspects’ house in Country Heights, Kajang, for seven years, four years and six months, respectively.

The women, who allegedly endured years of abuse, took the opportunity to flee and sought help from the Indonesian Embassy on March 22 while the couple were abroad. By April 2, officers completed recording statements from the three workers and they were placed under witness protection.

The alleged abuse is being investigated by Kajang police.

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