The Center for Infectious Disease Control and Prevention, Tainan, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

Tainan has had another imported case of dengue fever, with the latest victim a 31-year-old Indonesian woman who had just returned after a holiday at home in March.

The woman, who worked as a domestic caregiver in Rende District, went home to Indonesia and returned to Taiwan on March 22. Seven days later she had a fever, headache and lost her appetite, the China Daily News reported.

She went to a local clinic where her symptoms were not helped by medication. By March 30, she was referred to a local hospital where she was diagnosed with dengue. This year, 14 imported dengue fever cases have been reported in Tainan, said Chen Yi, head of the Tainan City Government’s Dengue Fever Prevention and Control Center.

Nine of the patients were intercepted and referred for medical attention upon arrival at the airport, while three came down with fevers between three and seven days after their arrival.

Officers from the center were dispatched to the Indonesian patient’s workplace for disinfection and cleaning.

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