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An Indonesian man who took a new job offer from an employment agency five days before the completion of his employment term in Taoyuan, Taiwan, later found he had been cheated. Not only was the job he paid for illegal, his migrant worker status in Taiwan was also scrapped after his former employer reported him as a runaway.

The Migrants Empowerment Network in Taiwan (MENT) launched a protest and held a media meeting on April 22, criticizing the Ministry of Labor for not providing adequate employment services, causing many migrants to fall victims of private employment agents, who took exorbitant fees only to offer job seekers illegal jobs, the China Daily News reported.

The victim, who appeared at the media meeting, said he sought help and paid NT$55,000 (US$1,777) to an agent as he was in need of a new job as his current contract was due to run out on September 21, 2018.

The agent then referred him a wood factory job in Changhua, which required the man to accept the offer five days before the official completion of the contract.

However, the victim felt suspicious as soon as he started working there as all his co-workers admitted to him that they were runaway migrant workers who had fled their previous, legal, jobs.

He called the 1955 Counseling and Protection Hotline for Foreign Workers, and was shocked to find that his legal migrant worker permit was scrapped as he had became a wanted runaway migrant.

MENT representing the victim requested the Ministry of Labor help him recover his legal status as he was the victim of a malicious agent and had no intention to run away from his former employment.

The Ministry of Labor replied that they were still in the middle of investigating the case, and that the man would not recover his legal status until the investigation was complete.

Meanwhile, the ministry admitted that they were setting up a multilingual website of employment services which is scheduled to be available in June this year. It is designed to facilitate legal job transitions for migrants.

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