Police station at Menglembu, Perak, Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps
A police station at Menglembu, Perak, Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps

The Malaysia Immigration Department arrested 31 foreigners and three locals in an operation in three locations in Perak between Friday night and the early hours of Saturday.

From 10:30 pm on April 5 and 4 am on April 6, 21 officers from the Perak Immigration Department raided three locations in Langkap, Kampar and Ipoh, where they checked the identification of 104 people, 34 of who were detained for various offenses, the China Press reported.

Those detained, aged between 20 and 46, were nine Vietnamese women, one Vietnamese man, 13 mainland Chinese women, six Thai men, two Thai women and three local men.

Six of the nine Vietnamese women, who were allegedly working as guest relations officer, were nabbed in a coffee shop on an oil palm plantation in Langkap. No male customers were arrested as they had reportedly fled, while the women were captured by the officers.

The eight Thai nationals were arrested inside a Thai restaurant in Kampar, as they were cooks and waitresses and did not have valid work permits.

At a karaoke entertainment center in Ipoh, officials arrested 13 Chinese women, three Vietnamese women, a Vietnamese man and three local men. The 15 women were found hiding in a secret chamber with the entrance covered by a mirror door.

Perak immigration also appealed to the public to speak up if employers hired people they knew were illegal immigrants.

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