Ma On Shan Photo: Google Maps

A 31-year-old Filipina hiker was rescued after falling from a 20-meter high cliff in Ma On Shan, the New Territories while hiking with friends on Sunday.

The injured hiker was eventually airlifted to the Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital for medical treatment the next morning, after spending the night on the mountain in the company of her rescuers, Apple Daily reported.

It is understood that a group of six women, aged 31 to 44, comprising three Filipinas and three Indonesian women set out to hike from Sai Kung to Ma On Shan Country Park on Sunday. The hikers were reportedly well equipped with hiking gear and were wearing helmets.

The accident happened at round 5:40pm when the group arrived at Ma On Shan Country Park. There, the victim reportedly lost her balance and fell 20 meters down a cliff, injuring her arms, legs and back. Although she remained conscious, she was unable to move.

While her fellow hikers reported the case to the police, two of them climbed down the cliff to the victim.

As the hikers were unable to tell the authorities their exact location, there was a delay until firefighters eventually found them on an unofficial woodland trail. The rescuers decided they required backup and more equipment, which meant the victim and the firefighters had to spend the night on the mountainside. It later took four hours to move the victim to a piece of flat terrain suitable for an airlift.

At 7:00 am on Monday, firefighters assisted the five unhurt hikers to go downhill and an hour later, the victim was airlifted to hospital, reported.

The victim is reportedly a domestic worker employed by a family living in Sai Kung. When she informed her male employer about her accident, he also reported the case to the police.

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