Al Satwa in Dubai. Photo: Google Maps

An Egyptian man has been charged with sexually harassing a Filipino woman while she was hanging clothes to dry on a clothesline in an apartment in Dubai.

The 40-year-old Filipina said the Egyptian was her flatmate in Al Satwa, and was under the influence of alcohol when the incident happened. The Filipina said the man suddenly approached her and touched her inappropriately at the backside, Gulf News reported.

“I was shocked when he touched my bottom in a lustful way,” the Filipina said during a trial in Dubai Court of First Instance on Thursday.

The date of the incident is not known. The Filipina yelled at the man and immediately contacted the police. The police arrived and arrested the Egyptian man.

During interrogation, the man confessed that he was under the influence of alcohol when he sexually harassed the Filipina while she was hanging out her clothes.

If convicted, the Egyptian man could face a jail term of at least six months and face deportation after the punishment.

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