Bulgarian boxer Kubrat Pulev was suspended from fighting after kissing a reporter. Photo: YouTube

A Bulgarian boxer was suspended from competing after kissing a Filipino-American reporter following a post-fight interview.

Heavyweight boxer Kubrat Pulev, 37, was interviewed by Jennifer Ravalo, a reporter from Vegas Sports Daily on March 23 following a fight in Costa Mesa, California in the United States. After the interview, Pulev clutched Ravalo’s face and kissed her on her lips, Manila Bulletin reported.

“I did not encourage or consent to Mr. Pulev grabbing my face, kissing me or grabbing my backside,” Ravalo said.

After the incident, Ravalo, who at the time managed to smile and shrug it off, reportedly considered taking legal action against Pulev and hired high-profile lawyer Gloria Allred. Ravalo said the incident made her feel uncomfortable and frustrated. Allred said even if the two were friends, Pulrev would still need permission to kiss Ravalo on the lips.

“A woman has the right to consent or say no. She was doing her job,” Allread said.

The California State Atheletic Commission (CSAC) suspended Pulev indefinitely and said the boxer must conform to the principle of respect before being allowed to fight again.

The next CSAC hearing is expected to take place on May 14 with Ravalo expected to attend.

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