A high-tech track-laying machine on the Beijing-Xiong'an express rail link. Photo: Xinhua

Track-laying is now underway on the Beijing-Xiong’an high-speed railway. The new, 350-kilometer-per-hour artery will link the Chinese capital to the Xiong’an New Area, dubbed “China’s District of Columbia,” as well as to Daxing Airport, the new aviation hub to serve Beijing and its surrounding districts starting from October.

Chinese papers report that the nation’s indigenous satellite navigation system, BeiDou, was helping speed up track-laying “with utmost precision” to ensure that bullet trains will be able to start shuttling passengers between Beijing, Xiong’an and the new airport this fall.

The 92-kilometer express link, billed as China’s most important new rail project this year, will provide a catalyst for regional integration as Beijing aims to reallocate its residents and businesses to Xiong’an to alleviate the capital’s current congestion and housing woes.

Xinhua reports that track laying machines were installed with sensors and cameras to transmit signals to BeiDou satellites as well as the system’s central control platform for real-time monitoring and correction. Track-laying for a 70-kilometer section between Beijing and the new airport can be completed within 15 days.

Track-laying equipment was fitted with sensors and cameras to pick up signals from the BeiDou satellites. Photos: Xinhua

The BeiDou navigation system began providing global services in December 2018.

The positioning accuracy of the system has been boosted to 10 meters globally and five meters in the Asia-Pacific region, with its velocity accuracy claimed at 0.2 meters per second and timing accuracy at 20 nanoseconds.

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