Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. Photo: iStock

Police in Jakarta, Indonesia, arrested 13 people who took part in a brawl last Sunday that was streamed live on social media platform Instagram.

A spokesperson for the Jakarta police chief Argo Yuwono said the people in the brawl used their mobile phones to stream the altercation live on Instagram, The Jakarta Post reported. A total of 13 people were rounded up after the investigation, 10 adults and three under-age.

Yuwono added that the 13 were members of the Tiga Serangkai group. The 10 adults would be charged with mass public brawling as well as the unauthorized possession of a weapon. If found guilty, they could face a maximum penalty of 12 years in jail.

Those under-age will be charged under the Child Protection Law and will be treated differently.

On March 17, members of the Tiga Serangkai group showed up on Jalan Swadaya 3 in Cakung and were carrying weapons. Four members of the Warjenk group were wounded and were taken to hospitals in the area. The wounded have since been discharged.