Penang Police headquarters. Photo: Google Maps

An Indonesian woman has been killed and a Bangladeshi man critically injured by a hit-and-run driver accused of being out of control on an expressway in Malaysia.

The driver of a private sedan last Tuesday night on an expressway in Penang hit two motorcyclists from the back consecutively, killing the 41-year-old Indonesian woman and badly injuring a 35-year-old Bangladeshi man. The driver then fled the scene and has yet to turn himself in, police said.

The alleged hit-and-run accident occurred on Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu Highway at around 11pm on February 26, the China Press reported.

The driver was travelling in his Proton GEN2 sedan behind the two motorcyclists. He allegedly first ran into the woman, who was riding on her Honda Beat motorcycle, then hit the Bangladeshi man on his Honda EX5 motorcycle.

The victims were taken to Penang Hospital for treatment but the Indonesian woman was pronounced dead at the emergency unit, while the Bangladeshi man is currently in a critical condition.

Preliminary inquiries showed that the driver fled the scene, leaving the car about 200 meters from where the accidents occurred.

Police have already identified independent witnesses for the incident, and are hunting the hit-and-run driver who is being investigated under Section 41(1) of the Road Transport Act 1987 – for reckless driving.

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