The woman posing for a photo as the wave hit the cliff. Photo: YouTube

A video posted online captured the moment a Chinese tourist, unaware of the powerful surf, was almost swept away by a wave in Bali, Indonesia.

The footage was uploaded to Chinese social media, where it gained thousands of views and went viral. A woman was seen posing for a photo on a cliff near the sea in Nusa Lembongan, reported.

The wave caught the woman by surprise and knocked her off her feet. Witnesses are heard screaming in the video when the woman fell. According to Chinese media, the woman did not sustain any serious injuries, only cuts and bruises.

People commented online, saying she lucky to survive the strong wave. Others asked why she chose to stand where she did. Tourists have also been warned to exercise caution when visiting areas prone to strong waves.

Bali is famous for its waves and thousands of surfers from around the world flock to the holiday island every year to ride them.

YouTube video

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