Rescuers dealing with the snake they retrieved from the vehicle's engine. Photo: YouTube

A king cobra found stuck in the engine of a pickup truck in Thailand on Monday was rescued after dogs noticed it and barked at the vehicle to alert the owner.

Chutikarn Kaewthongchaijaruenm, 30, was preparing to cook dinner at her home in Chonburi on March 4 when her dogs started barking at her pickup truck, UPI reported. She went out to investigate and noticed the snake’s tail dangling from under the truck’s hood.

She called the Si Racha rescuers for help. A video of the snake’s extraction was recorded, which showed rescuers carefully removing the 16-foot-long snake from the vehicle.

The woman said the snake may have come from a cassava field near her house. She added that it may have entered the car while she was returning from a market and stayed for the ride.

The king cobra was ultimately released back into the wild with no injuries.

King cobras are highly venomous snakes and are common in Thailand. The largest king cobra in the country was said to be about 19-feet-long. They usually eat smaller prey such as rats, birds and lizards.

YouTube video

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