Parents protesting outside the school. Photo: YouTube

Parents of the children attending a private school in Chengdu, China, were enraged after it was discovered that the school kitchen was stocked with rotten food.

The scandal came after children at the Chengdu No. 7 High School Development School became sick and showed symptoms including breathing difficulties, stomach-aches and diarrhoea, Baidu reported.

The school’s kitchen was loaded with bread that had gone bad, seafood covered in mold and meat that had been rotten for days. Photos of the food were posted online and went viral immediately, sparking protests from the parents.

Hundreds of parents were seen storming the gates of the school on videos shared online. The parents also clashed with police, with some being sprayed by pepper spray and arrested.

The local government of Wenjiang district, where the school is located, launched an investigation and promised that the responsible parties would be dealt with severely. As for the school itself, they have issued a public apology to the students and parents, taking the fall for not overseeing food supplier Sichuan Deyu and adding that the contract with them has been terminated.

Medical professionals have been sent to the school to conduct tests on sick students.

Sichuan Deyu was found to have been providing food to dozens of other schools in the area, which could mean thousands of others may be affected as well. The supplier’s website has been shut down and its operations suspended.

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