Chen Shan-yuan busy at work on his “PokeBike”. Photo: YouTube

A Taiwanese man in his 70s has become an online mobile gaming sensation after posted photos showed him playing Pokemon Go on multiple phones while pedaling his bicycle. And he has only been playing the popular game for a few years.

Chen Shan-yuan, who hails from Tucheng district in New Taipei City, learned how to play Pokemon Go from his grandchildren, and began carrying lots of smartphones and power banks with him wherever he went on his journey to become a “trainer”.

When his videos first went viral last year, Chen had 11 phones and nine power banks; last month his arsenal of Pokemon-catching devices rose to 21 cell phones, each carefully installed on a special rack on his bicycle.

Now the grandfather has caught the attention of Taiwanese tech powerhouse ASUS, which chose him to replace Korean superstar Gong Yoo — most notable for his work in Train to Busan — as its brand ambassador. It made good marketing sense, as the company is focusing on the longer battery lives of its smartphones.

The veteran trainer is just getting started. He was out again last week catching Pokemon on the street, with his phones displayed like the wings of a peacock. Who said gaming is only for the young?

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