A Chinese college student learns to make yogurt. Photo: Weibo

The traditional Confucius learning style seems to be getting a new twist in modern China. Consider the new courses offered by universities that students try hard to register with.

The history of King Glory, the most popular game by Tencent Holdings, the political science of sci-fi, and how to feed your pets are some of the most popular courses in Chinese colleges these days.

Unlike the conventional philosophy of the Sung and Ming dynasty, or the classic poetry course in Chinese literature, these courses were taught by lecturers who had success in mastering social media.

At Shandong University, a lecturer used the characters from the popular Kings Glory game as a backdrop for the history class. Most of the characters in Kings Glory come from Chinese history or fiction.

At Zhejiang University, students learned how to turn milk into yogurt in a course called the animal food processing experiment. Many students from other classes were attracted by the strong smell of the food.

Citing his own science fiction, a young lecturer tried to teach his students about mathematics by showing them how to use deposit rates to save enough money for space travel.

All of these were part of the reform in tertiary education that enhanced teaching quality and encouraged students to have a balanced approach away from the fear of the over-specialized education focus.

Shenzhen University assistant professor of city governance and research Yan Chun said: “Gone are the days when Chinese higher education had only students listening to what was told. Successful education should be able to meet the different demands from students.”

No wonder Chinese student felt like having more fun in their campus life.

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