The Workforce Development Agency in New Taipei City, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

More than 400 migrant workers in Taiwan had their work permits revoked by authorities after being caught drink-driving last year, according to the Workforce Development Agency of the Ministry of Labor.

Under Taiwan’s Employment Services Acts, migrant workers who violate the island country’s laws and regulations have their employment permit annulled, the China Daily News reported. Most of them were not criminals but because they had been caught drink-driving, more than 400 workers have fallen into this category.

A case in point was a Vietnamese worker who had a good record after living in Taiwan for 10 years but was jailed for two months for riding his electric-powered bike after consuming alcohol. Despite the fact that his employer pleaded leniency on behalf of the worker in an attempt to revoke his repatriation, the man was still sent out of the country and barred from entry forever.

The agency made a public appeal to employers as well as migrant workers not to drink before riding their bicycles, electric-powered bikes, or motorcycles as they are all classified as means of transport.

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