The man died while cutting branches from a tree. Photo: iStock

An Indonesian man was electrocuted and died while cutting branches from a tree in South Jakarta on March 8.

The man, identified as 71-year-old Sudin, was working to clear an empty plot of land with two colleagues, The Jakarta Post reported. According to local police chief Kasto, the three were clearing land belonging to a resident along Jalan Kamboja in the Ciepte Selatan area.

Sudin was clearing a tree at the back of the plot and using a ladder. His two colleagues, Slamet and Kastubi, were clearing the front of the plot. When Kastubi went looking for the 71-year-old, he saw the man on the ground with his feet stuck to the ladder.

The two immediately asked for help from locals to take Sudin off the ladder. When he was taken to a hospital where it was found that Sudin had been electrocuted and died. Kasto said the victim may have been electrocuted when his equipment struck electric cables while he was cutting the branches off the tree.

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