The chemical plant in the industrial estate in Guanyin district, Taoyuan. Photo: Google Maps

A 35-year-old Indonesian man and his 43-year-old Taiwanese colleague were almost killed by hydrogen sulfide poisoning while working on sewage treatment at a chemical plant in Taoyuan, Taiwan, on Wednesday morning.

At about 10 am on March 20, the Taoyuan Fire Department was called for assistance after a work accident in an industrial estate in Guanyin district, during which Indonesian worker Wahyudi and his Taiwanese colleague were seen lying unconsciously on the floor, the United Daily News reported.

Since the scene was full of hydrogen sulfide fumes, officers kept spraying water after sending the two patients to a hospital.

After hospital resuscitation efforts, Wahyudi regained consciousness and was in a stable condition, while the other man regained spontaneous breathing and had a pulse, but remained in critical condition.

A suspension of work notice had been issued to the factory by the Labor Inspection Office after the accident.

Authorities were also looking into whether the company was negligent, which could have been contrary to the Ordinance on Prevention of Hazards due to Specified Chemical Substances and liable to a fine of between NT$30,000 and NT$300,000 (US$973-US$9730).

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