Green taxi in Hong Kong. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Hong Kong taxi driver was praised on the Internet as a “good Samaritan” for breaking the rules to help a woman who was rushing to a hospice to see a dying relation.

The driver, who drove a green New Territories taxi, picked up a woman in Tin Shui Wai in the Northern District, the New Territories for a ride to Bradbury Hospice in Shatin on Tuesday afternoon, news website reported.

Green taxis can only operate in designated areas of Hong Kong, including the north-eastern part and north-western part of the New Territories, i.e. north of Shatin and north of Tsuen Wan. They are also permitted to carry passengers along specified routes to/from certain specific locations.

As the green taxi could only go to the Prince of Wales Hospital, the driver suggested to the woman that she should find a red taxi, but the woman replied that she was in a hurry.

During the ride, the woman sobbed as she received mobile phone calls urging her to rush to the hospice as quickly as possible, as her family member there could die at any time.

The woman then kept giving words of encouragement to her relations on the other end of the phone conversation.

The driver was touched and decided to drive the woman all the way to the hospice, ignoring the possibility of being stopped by the police and receiving a penalty ticket.

He told the woman he would drive her to the hospice as fast as he could, and eventually the woman was able to reach the hospice in time to meet her dying family member.

The driver shared his experience on a Facebook group, expressing how the ride was unforgettable and advising people to treasure time with their loved ones.

Many Internet commentators praised the driver, calling him a good Samaritan and saying he had set a good example for other Hong Kong taxi drivers.

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