Winnipeg, Manitoba, in Canada. Photo: Google Maps

A Filipino-Canadian teenager was killed by an unidentified man who broke into his house in Canada’s Winnipeg on March 3.

According to the Philippine Embassy in Canada, 17-year-old Jaime Adao Jr was at home with his grandmother when a 29-year-old man broke in during the evening on March 3, Philippine News Agency reported.

“Our heartfelt sympathies go to the Adao family on the tragic and senseless killing of Jimboy, Jaime Jr. There are no words to ease their pain and sorrow over the loss of such a promising young man. May he rest in peace,” the embassy statement said.

Adao called police to report the break-in, but was attacked by the intruder. Authorities arrived while the assault was ongoing and shot the suspect. Both Adao and the suspect were rushed to a hospital.

The suspect was in a critical condition, while Adao succumbed to his injuries. According to police, there was no connection between the intruder and Adao and the home break-in seemed random, the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported.

Winnipeg police chief Danny Smyth said the intruder may have been using methamphetamines before the break-in. Smyth said police hade yet to confirm this as the suspect was still in hospital, but he believed there was a good chance he would survive and be charged.

“We haven’t even had an opportunity to speak with him yet,” Smyth said.

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