Eastern Magistrates' Courts in Hong Kong. Photo: Google Maps
The Eastern Magistrates' Courts in Hong Kong. Photo: Google Maps

A 39-year-old Filipina domestic worker was sentenced to four months in jail at the Eastern Magistrates Court on Thursday on a count of common assault on a bedridden man.

Ivy Bongalonta Rebustillo was acquitted on a second charge of indecent assault on the elderly man, Headline Daily reported. Magistrate Selma Masood said the defendant’s offense was aggravated by the condition of her ward, who was semi-paralyzed and bedridden and could not defend himself.

Another aggravating factor was the element of breach of trust as the defendant was hired to take care of the elderly man. The magistrate acquitted the defendant on the charge of indecent assault, saying that holding the victim’s penis was an inevitable part of the worker’s job to clean him.

The defense lawyer pleaded for a “short but suspended sentence,” citing the defendant’s clear record and a four-year-old son and elderly mother who depended on her for support.

The magistrate ruled out a suspended sentence because of the aggravating factors.

The defendant was arrested and charged with one count of common assault and one count of indecent assault after being caught on camera over the assaults in June last year. The female employer reported the case to police.

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