Li Yuen Street West in Central, Hong Kong Island. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Dltl2010
Li Yuen Street West in Central on Hong Kong Island. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Filipina asylum seeker, who was not allowed to work in Hong Kong, was found guilty of selling liquor without a license in a bar in Central on Hong Kong Island and was finedHK$1,800 (US$230) at the Eastern Magistrates’ Court in late February.

Gina CL was caught by undercover police when she sold two bottles of beer to them, reported.

According to the prosecution, two undercover police officers from the District Anti-Triad Squad of the Central police went to a bar on the 1st floor of the Fai Man Building along Li Yuen Street West, popularly known as ‘alley-alley’ to Filipinos, on August 10 last year.

The defendant greeted the two officers – a man and a woman – when they arrived at the bar at about 8:20 pm, escorted them to a table nd served them two bottles of beer.

The defendant also took HK$100 in marked money from the male officer before giving him his change. She asked if they wanted ice while the officers drank and confirmed it was alcohol, the court heard.

The two undercover officers then informed their colleagues and police raided the bar. A total of 559 bottles of alcohol were confiscated. As an asylum seeker, the defendant is not allowed to work in the city and depends on financial assistance from the Hong Kong government.

The defendant said she had a Chinese boyfriend who gave her HK$500 a month. But she sent the money to her mother and son back in the Philippines. She asked for three days to raise the money for her fine.

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