Baby Jane Allas (left) and her sister Mary Ann. Photo:

A Filipina worker who was fired because she had cancer went to her first conciliation meeting with her former employer on Wednesday, but the meeting ended without an agreement for compensation.

Baby Jane Allas, who was fried by her Hong Kong employer after being diagnosed with cancer, attended the meeting with the lawyer representing her former Pakistani employer Bushra Jamil at a branch office of the Labor Department in Tuen Mun in the New Territories, Apple Daily reported.

The sick worker was accompanied by her sister Mary Ann and her sister’s employer Jessica Cutrera, who had offered Allas a place to stay, took on her legal and medical cases and launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for her medical expenses.

After a three-hour discussion, they stopped the conciliation meeting without reaching an agreement. Allas’ case will be adjudicated at the Labor Tribunal next Monday.

It was understood that the amount of compensation the employer proposed was far less than the worker expected. Both sides spent time discussing the compensation, but no agreement reached.

The employer was reportedly only willing to pay the “minimum” amount. However, the worker was unable to disclose the amount of compensation she wanted.

The Immigration Department had extended Allas’ visa so she could stay in Hong Kong for medical treatment and settle the claim.

As of Thursday, about HK$800,000 (US$101,910) had been raised through the crowd-funding campaign for Allas. She will start chemo and radiation therapy this week in a private hospital.

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