Tsoying Naval Base in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A Taiwanese navy corporal was killed in a road accident on Wednesday afternoon. The young officer was riding on a motorcycle when she was hit by a lorry that was entering a gas station in Kaohsiung.

The 24-year-old corporal, who was ethnic Vietnamese, was driving east along Fengping First Road in Daliao district at about 2pm on March 27 when the lorry turned right to enter the gas station. The truck hit the woman and ran over her head and body, the Taiwan Apple Daily reported.

Staff at the gas station immediately reported the crash to police as the woman appeared to have been killed.

The driver of a second lorry behind the one involved in the fatal crash, surnamed Ip, said he used his horn to try to warn the driver of the truck in front of him, a colleague surnamed Huang, that his vehicle was about to hit the female motorcyclist, but in vain.

Huang passed an alcohol breath test, but he still had to be detained to assist the investigation into the case, which involves possible dangerous driving causing death.

The parents of the corporal were devastated by the death of their daughter, who was expected to return home from a training course on fire and ambulance services at Tsoying Naval Base.

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