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A 35-year-old Singapore woman wrote to a local newspaper telling the story of how a domestic worker was allegedly negligent while caring for her two-year-old daughter.

The woman surnamed Yang had hired the worker, whose nationality was not stated, via an employment agency two-and-a-half years before, to take care of her then newborn daughter, the Shin Min Daily News reported.

Yang said the worker had been diligent and reliable. However, on March 8 this year, she saw something on home CCTV footage that changed her mind.

While her employer had to attend a job interview, the worker was entrusted to look after the two-year-old toddler alone. Later, on the CCTV footage, the worker was seen leaving the sleeping child unattended in the bedroom while she went out of the apartment.

The girl woke up after one minute, crying loudly and searching the apartment for the worker, who returned to the flat only seven minutes later, according to the footage.

In the living room there was a bucket full of water which was intended for cleaning the floor, and the kitchen window was open. The mother said her daughter could have died if she fell into the bucket or climbed out of the window.

Later that day, the couple confronted the worker, who allegedly did not apologize but requested to be sent back home.

The couple said they bought the worker a flight ticket and took her to the airport. There, they were allegedly “threatened” by a “strongly-built man” who demanded that they paid their domestic worker outstanding wages of S$330, as she had worked for 23 days that month.

Yang’s husband reportedly gave in and paid the money owed to their employee.

The couple wrote to the Ministry of Manpower asking for the domestic worker to be banned permanently from returning to Singapore. However investigations found that the domestic worker had not posed any actual threat to the well-being of the toddler.

Nevertheless, the authorities said Yang’s husband would be listed as the referee to be contacted by any persons who would like to hire the woman.

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