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A Filipino domestic worker is on trial for alleged sexual assault of her employer’s five-year-old daughter in Dubai. In February, the little girl allegedly touched her mother inappropriately. The Syrian mother, 26, asked her daughter why she touched her that way and was told that their Filipino domestic worker had done the same to her twice, Khaleej Times reported.

The Syrian woman then confronted the domestic worker, who had worked for the family for almost 18 months taking care of the woman’s daughter and three-year-old son. The domestic worker initially denied the accusations but later admitted she had touched the girl inappropriately twice while she was changing the child’s clothes.

The child’s mother says she spends long hours away from home as she is studying medicine, leaving her two children under the care of the Filipino woman. The employer told her husband what happened and the couple reported the incident to the police, who then arrested the domestic worker.

On Sunday at the Dubai Court of First Instance, the accused admitted that she groped the girl twice while her employers were away. She was charged with sexual assault, and a verdict is expected on April 21.

If convicted, the accused faces imprisonment and will be deported after serving her sentence.

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