The domestic worker urged other cancer patients to fight on and not give up. Photo: iStock

A Filipina domestic worker in Hong Kong has shared her experience of fighting cancer on social media in a bid to give hope and strength to other workers facing similar problems.

Cancer fighter Lyn, who is single and has no children, has recovered a year after undergoing surgery and chemotherapy to treat her Stage 3 cancer of the uterus, reported.

Lyn used Facebook as a platform to write about her struggle against cancer and the depression she felt while being far from her loved ones. She was diagnosed with the disease in January last year and then confined in a hospital for two months before undergoing five hours of surgery in late February to remove her uterus.

Her surgery was successful, but depression was inevitable as she had nobody to comfort her or to talk to. She posted a video showing her on a hospital bed, hairless, frail and tearful. She thought that if she died, “my loved ones would see me alive until my last breath.”

She said it was God’s will that she did not pass out each time she felt very weak because she prayed to get well. Lyn also took strength as fought her illness from an old local woman who shared the same ward with her. She said each day they faced their struggles together.

After being discharged from the hospital, she returned to her employer’s apartment and resumed her daily work despite her weakness. Lyn said she was thankful and proud of her employers because they understood her situation and did not send her home so she could continue to get the treatment she needed in the hospital.

Lyn is now slowly recovering. She urged other domestic workers diagnosed with cancer to fight on and not give up. “So, for anyone else out there who is battling cancer, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, don’t give up, stay strong and positive,” she said.

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