Domestic workers in Central on Hong Kong Island, the majority of them from the Philippines. Photo: Asia Times

The Philippine Consulate has quelled growing fears that Filipino domestic workers entering Hong Kong need to have proof that they had anti-measles jabs before they fly out.

Fear was aroused among domestic workers due to a letter the Centre for Health Protection sent to employment agencies on Thursday advising them to include anti-measles shots as part of the medical screening for foreign domestic workers entering Hong Kong, reported.

Some Filipino workers in the city took this to mean that they can no longer leave and re-enter Hong Kong from the Philippines unless they can show proof of having had an anti-measles shot.

But an officer at the Consulate denied that there is such a requirement.

Labor Attache Jalilo dela Torre said the CHP letter to employment agencies was just a recommendation, and he would confer with Hong Kong’s health authorities on how best to handle the situation.

He said he was also worried that employment agencies would make workers pay the cost of anti-measles shots.

What sparked more fears was a post from a worker who reported that a friend of a friend was not allowed to leave Hong Kong on Wednesday because she had no proof of having had an anti-measles vaccination.

But it was understood that the writer flew to the Philippines on the same day, along with dozens of Filipina workers going home for a vacation, and not one of them was asked for such proof.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, one more measles patient was a 17-year-old boy from the Philippines who came to Hong Kong on March 23 but has since tested positive for the disease.

The boy, whose health has previously been good, developed fever, a cough and a rash. Admitted to St Teresa’s Hospital on Tuesday, he was later transferred to Kwong Wah Hospital for treatment and is in a stable condition.

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