3D rendering of a female android robot with red laser beam sight holding a gun against gray background. She is ready to fire!
3D rendering of a female android robot with red laser beam sight holding a gun against gray background. She is ready to fire!

Is artificial intelligence intelligent? Although it’s complex, I don’t feel logical thinking is the utmost human asset, because human intelligence isn’t reducible to logic (IQ), while our “smart society” and its advocates praise AI as promising. No wonder: Their jobs rely on AI’s automated algorithms.

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I don’t consider it intelligent to replace human intelligence with artificial intelligence. AI disregards the human mind’s complexity: emotional intelligence (EQ by Daniel Goleman 1995), spiritual intelligence (SQ by Danah Zohar 2000), creative intelligence (CQ by Bruce Nussbaum 2013) etc.

Promoting AI is founded on the urge of those replacing human intelligence (considered “inefficient” and “error-prone”) with artificial intelligence (presented as a “flawless,” “efficient” future of mankind). But we only became efficient in self-extinction, not advancing ethically, only technology-wise. AI isn’t flawless, but the faulty brainchild of its promoters, who lack emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence, creative intelligence etc. AI promoters’ reductionist thinking embodies the philosophical “body-mind problem,” spending their creativity on “optimizing” living systems via AI … code for making money by replacing millions of well-paid jobs.

Societies are doomed when “deficient beings” (Arnold Gehlen) lacking human qualities increasingly destroy well-paid jobs, the masses’ livelihoods, maintain some IT jobs, while creating – if any – quantities of underpaid jobs nobody can live on.

Promoting AI seems linked to corporations’ job-killing machinery serving the few getting uber-rich by exploiting employees evermore, predominantly white, young, male nerds at work – undoubtedly talented one-track specialists, but lacking multifaceted human intelligence.

Notoriously empty public coffers coincide with multinational corporations’ brimful accounts, appearing as rats leaving with bulging bags of money the sinking ship “Solidarity” they systemically wrecked by antisocial measures, pursuing their plan: “Replacing well-paid jobs with AI.” Internet-based multinational corporations in all their smartness produce a smart but evermore inhumane society by AI and increase “the working poor” by providing all goods and services online. Fewer and fewer humans are needed in, for example, banking, insurance, bureaucracy, shops, transport, and the media. According to certain models only 750.000 IT-qualified humans are needed to control the productivity in the Western world, while the others are “working poor.”

Those jobs now spared are squashed, pressed, and replaced soon after. This digitization-induced job-killing exploits humans and nature.

Digitization destroys society and environment via replacing jobs with AI. Our online “smart society” symbolizes a society drifting apart, considering Earth a “throwaway planet,” a drama unfolding globally. Take “Fast Fashion” (produced to entertain and fall apart, throwaway fashion, 28 seasons annually) exploiting humans and nature large-scale. Corporations legitimize their immoral actions by “just addressing customer demands,” using greed as their alibi.

“Was it ever different?” Maybe not, but today we are more efficient technology-wise. History rhymes again. The transition to Industry 4.0 – replacing well-paid jobs with AI – recalls the 19th-century Industrial Revolution: Before organizing themselves in labor unions, people experienced systematic exploitation by industrialists, who whitewashed their immorality by making “factual constraint” their alibi, arguing that developments forced their hand, developments interestingly making them rich and the masses poor.

Does AI threaten social peace? AI serves those amassing riches by destroying masses of well-paid jobs … an “efficient” recipe for destabilizing society dangerously

Does AI threaten social peace? AI serves those amassing riches by destroying masses of well-paid jobs … an “efficient” recipe for destabilizing society dangerously.

What satisfies the social-Darwinist model neoliberals promote – the survival of the fittest with “accumulation of capital” for the few benefiting via AI of excluding the masses – turns back the clock despite our tech-driven progressiveness.

If those job-killers who promote AI were not only greedy but intelligent, they recognized it was in their self-interest – enjoying their privileges even longer – to ensure a society in balance. Public safety decreases massively when impoverished masses fight back.

In doing their numbers games by perverting operating numbers by adding corporations’ revenues to GDP calculations, statistical experts create the illusion: Financially squashed masses, impoverished by low wages, were participating in corporations’ gains. This numbers game appears as an insidious deception maneuver to fool the public. Why such spare media focus on this? Whatever those corporations gain, they have experts handy crunching the numbers in their favor. Only when buying their shiny products or by providing personal data are you considered valuable by those corporations.

Yet many politicians didn’t act as voters’ advocates forcing corporations to pay appropriate taxes – contributing to societies they are located in – but as corporations’ mouthpieces highly paid by tax money and lobbyists of corporations that blackmail regions – threatening to move to low-wage countries, if not getting their way – as if corporations didn’t replace jobs with AI anyway.

Rationalization/streamlining – codes for “systematically destroying well-paid jobs” in our rationalized “smart society” – is what corporations make money with, what drives them, since every well-paid job they replace with AI accumulates their wealth under their business model: “Privatizing profits, while socializing losses.” He who listens closely may even hear business elites whisper: “Let’s dispose of costly humans.”

I’m not anti-tech, only challenging what AI entails. When politicians and corporations urge people to become creative entrepreneurs, it’s a mockery of the people, since not everybody wants to become an employer. But if there are not enough well-paid employees, only working poor, who could buy the corporations’ new products? CNN’s Fareed Zakaria even presented robots as future artists. No kidding! Techies disregard: Art isn’t only about technical accuracy, but rather about human expression and feelings transmitted. Robots are the better humans? Remember the Terminator movies, wherein Cyberdyne Systems and Skynet took over … let’s hope not!

Once the process is completed – replacing people with AI, flanked by consumerism, depriving the people of their human dignity and last savings – what deters corporations from going from “corporate wars” to war? What saves us from elites without ethics?

This systematical corporate-driven mass (job-)killing – only increasing the shareholder value – got derailed by legally binding corporations to create a “job equivalent” for every well-paid job destroyed by AI and to compensate for environmental damages. Then suddenly corporations’ creativity turned from job-killing and exploitation to sustainability. Billionaire George Soros’ China-bashing – expanding its surveillance state by AI – only represents the tip of the iceberg of the global governmental/corporate trend of increasingly relying on AI for controlling the masses.

For humanity’s sake, unlike antisocial elites supporting artificial intelligence (AI), I promote human intelligence (HI) with ethical wisdom, and greet every human still showing humanity with: “HI!”

Immanuel Fruhmann

Dr. Dr. phil. Immanuel Fruhmann is an Austrian philosopher and educationist specialized in philosophy of science and language, cultural and social philosophy, as well as adult education, with years of experience in analysis of geopolitics and giving philosophical and educational insights to the public. He is psychotherapist in training and works as coach and consultant as well as writer. Fruhmann is a Knight of the Order of St George, a European Order of the Imperial House of Habsburg-Lorraine,...

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