The video shows the maid hitting and kicking the young boy. Photo: YouTube

Police are investigating after a video surfaced on social media showing a domestic worker hitting two children on a street in Macau on Monday.

A female domestic worker was captured by a passer-by hitting the young children on a street near Avenida do Almirante Lacerda in Macau, Exmoo News reported. The video shows a girl aged about six with a ponytail and a younger boy aged about four walking hand in hand on the street, accompanied by a domestic worker who was carrying school bags and a plastic bag.

The domestic worker appears to be emotional and scolds the children on the street. She is then seen hitting the boy before using the school bag to hit the boy’s face and head. She later allegedly kicked the boy.

A passer-by had reportedly stopped the worker beforehand. The resident who captured the video posted it on social media, claiming he wanted to let people know how bad the worker was and hoped the parents would learn about the incident.

Police said they had seen the video and had contacted the school and their parents for more information, Macao Daily News reported. No one had reported the case to police.

It was reported that the parents said they would check for injuries on their children first and would then seek help from the police if necessary. Reports did not mention the nationality of the domestic worker.

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