Show Chwan Memorial Hospital, Changhua, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A Filipina migrant worker in Taiwan who is terminally ill with advanced cervical cancer is expected to return home to reunite with her beloved daughter after a speedy effort to help her raise funds of NT$70,000 (US$2,273) to get back.

The Filipina, who has been working as a domestic caregiver for a Taiwanese family for nearly three years since April 2016, passed out due to severe abdominal pain early this year, the United Daily News reported.

Her employer sought assistance from the carer’s employment agency, and then rushed her to Show Chwan Memorial Hospital, where she was diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer with signs of failing organs. Her doctor said the woman could pass away at any moment and advised her to receive palliative care services.

During treatment, her employer’s family did not give up, as they were reportedly heartbroken for not having been able to learn about the worker’s ailment sooner.

The Filipina, whose husband was in great debt due to business failures, said she had endured pain for the past two years because her daughter had been her biggest hope and achievement. All she wanted was to give her school-age daughter the best.

The chairman of a Changhua-based charity made an immediate donation of NT$20,000 after hearing that the Filipina wanted to fly home to reunite with her daughter.

This and a donation of NT$50,000 from the employment agency meant the required sum was achieved very quickly.

Given that the Filipina is now in a stable condition, the employment agency will arrange her flight as soon as possible.

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