The State Courts in Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

A 30-year-old Indonesian worker was jailed for 20 weeks at a Singapore court on Thursday after pleading guilty to using her employer’s ATM card for unauthorized withdrawals and selling off gold jewelry stolen between July and October last year.

The accused, an Indonesian named Jani, who began work for a Singaporean employer surnamed Tan as a domestic worker in June 2015, was charged with 11 counts of thefts involving S$6,459 (US$4,760) in valuables and cash, the Shin Min Daily News reported.

The court learned that Jani, who was free to enter her employer’s bedroom, stole and sold off a total of six items of gold jewelry belonging to Tan, including pendants, bracelets and necklaces with a combined value estimated at S$2,900 (US$2,137).

On September 19, 2018, while Tan was abroad, the accused found Tan’s bank ATM card in the wardrobe, along with a notebook that included its PIN number and US$1,000 cash. The accused took them all.

Over the following two days she allegedly withdrew S$2,200 (US$1,621) from Tan’s bank account in four unauthorized withdrawals, before returning the card to its original place.

The employer received an SMS notification from the bank on the morning of September 20, informing her that she had withdrawn S$1,000 from her account.

Even though she found that her ATM card was in its correct place in her wardrobe, she filed a report with the police.

The employer sacked the worker and sent her home on October 13, 2018 after being able to find corresponding receipts from a pawn shop which confirmed the worker had cashed in her jewelry.

The accused was arrested by the police on December 24, 2018, when she re-entered Singapore to take up a new domestic worker’s position.

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