Jian Kang Police Station, Taichung City, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

Police officers who intercepted a 53-year-old Filipino man in Taichung City, Taiwan, were shocked to find he had overstayed his visa by more than 17 years.

On February 13, while two officers from Taichung City Jian Kang Police Station were on patrol, they observed a man in a hoodie walking back and forth in front of a park in Taichung City, The Commons Daily reported. Thinking that the man was behaving suspiciously, they stopped him to check his identity.

Speaking fluent Mandarin in a local dialect, the man insisted that he was indigenous Taiwanese. However, he failed to produce identification documents. One of the officers noticed that he was using a special edition of the EasyCard, a contactless smartcard use for transport and other payments, printed with foreign flags and languages, leading to suspicion that he may actually be a migrant worker.

Under questioning, the man eventually admitted that he was an illegal migrant worker. After running his fingerprints through the system, police discovered he had overstayed in Taiwan for 6,160 days, or more than 17 years. He was referred to the Taichung office of the National Immigration Agency.

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