Shanhua Precinct of the Tainan City Police Department, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A 45-year-old Vietnamese woman in Taiwan, a permanent resident, was arrested last week and charged with operating a brothel in a massage parlour.

Nine Vietnamese women she had hired were also arrested during the two-day operation. The woman, who had previously been arrested for providing illegal sexual services as a prostitute in Tainan, started her own massage parlour business with branches in Xinshi district, Yongkang district and Shanhua district from 2017, the China Times reported.

Acting on tip-offs from residents, police from Yongkang Precinct and Shanhua Precinct, as well as immigration officers from Tainan, raided the three locations at the same time from January 7 until the early hours of January 8. A total of nine Vietnamese women were arrested for allegedly providing illegal sexual services.

At the Shanhua branch, two customers were caught in the act, one of which involved a prostitute hiding naked inside a wardrobe in the room. About NT$580,000 (US$18,795) in cash, ledger books and condoms were confiscated from the three premises as evidence.

The employees all admitted to the police that they were recruited via mobile messenger LINE. Preliminary investigations found the owner allegedly advertised sexual services online, emphasizing the availability of young Vietnamese masseuses.

The parlour owner charged a substantial fee for each service, ranging from NT$1,200-NT$2,500. (US$38-US$81).

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