An unfazed Hogan holds up the python he got from the Christmas tree. Photo: YouTube screen grab.

A family in Australia was shocked to find a two-meter python hiding in their Christmas tree, which prompted them to call a snake catcher.

On December 31, 19-year-old snake catcher Jack Hogan was called on by the family living on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland when they found the snake in their Christmas tree, Daily Mail reported.

A video of Hogan getting the snake from within the tree in the family home shows it attempting to bite the young snake catcher and he tries to grab the reptile.

Hogan said later the snake was a coastal carpet python that may have been drawn to the Christmas tree because it resembled normal trees outside. He said the snake got agitated when he tried to move it from its “safe spot”.

He said the snake could have slithered in as it’s summer in Australia currently and people tend to leave doors and windows open.

Hogan was struck by the snake a few times before it fell on the ground, which gave him the opportunity to secure it with a net attached to a rod.

The snake catcher advised citizens to keep doors and windows closed, as the mating and egg-laying season for snakes is over, which means snakes will be out and about in the warm weather.