Taichung District Prosecutors’ Office, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
Taichung District Prosecutors’ Office, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

An illegal Vietnamese migrant worker in Taiwan was found hiding inside a refrigerator during an operation to locate more than 100 Vietnamese tourists who have gone missing since December. 

On January 8, police officers found four missing members of the tour groups as well as four additional illegal workers from Vietnam in the Wuqi District of Taichung, Central News Agency reported.

A group of government agents entered a building after they tailed a van from Hsinchu. Inside the building they found four of the missing tourists and three other illegals. Upon hearing noises coming from inside a refrigerator, the agents found another Vietnamese illegal hiding inside.

According to the police, the man in the refrigerator, who evaded the authorities for more than three years, was responsible for arranging for the four tourists to be picked up by a local car dealer.

On January 4, the National Immigration Agency said they would pay NT$4,000 (US$129) for any information that leads to the location of the remaining 113 Vietnamese tourists who went missing from their tour groups in December.