Jhangming Precinct of Kaohsiung City Police Department, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A taxi driver from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, who found a wallet of full of cash left behind in the taxi by an Indonesian passenger, immediately handed it in to the nearest police station, where officers managed to return it to its owner.

At around noon on January 13, when the taxi driver from Sanmin District of Kaohsiung started his shift he found a wallet on the passenger’s seat, the Taiwan Times reported.

When he examined it he was shocked to find a stack of Indonesian rupiah notes, Taiwanese dollars, credit cards and a foreign residence permit. However, there was no name card or any other contact details for the owner.

The driver took the wallet to Jhangming Precinct of Kaohsiung City Police Department, where officers confirmed it contained a total of 650,000 Indonesian rupiah (US$45.90) in cash, and decided it probably belonged to an Indonesian migrant.

An Indonesian restaurateur named Sari was invited to assist. By chance, he happened to be a friend of the wallet’s owner, whom he knew was already at the airport waiting for a flight home to Indonesia.

When the police learned that the owner was unable to pick up the wallet himself and was about to head off on a long trip to Indonesia, officers rushed to Kaohsiung International Airport and handed the wallet over to him before his flight took off at 2pm that day.

The Indonesian man was reportedly grateful for all parties’ efforts in retrieving and returning his valuables.

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