Hunei precinct of the Kaohsiung police bureau. Photo: Google Maps

A motorcyclist who pulled up on a roadside in Kaohsiung and sought leniency for a Vietnamese friend stopped by a routine police traffic patrol was himself arrested when he tested positive for drink-driving.

Officers in Hunei precinct reported that they stopped the 26-year-old  migrant worker, surnamed Phan, because he had two passengers on his electric-powered bicycle. He is only permitted to carry one person.

As they were questioning Phan, a second man on a motorcycle pulled up and pleaded on behalf of the Vietnamese, saying that he was a work colleague. Police noticed a strong smell of alcohol and breath-tested the man, who was identified as a 40-year-old Taiwanese surnamed Yu.

The Taiwan Times said that Yu was found to be over the limit, and was taken with his friend to a police station to be charged.