Leopards are native to India and as their habitat shrinks they are coming into more contact with humans. Photo: iStock

A wild leopard tried to check in at a hotel in India, but no one was around to sign him in. Security camera footage caught the big cat wandering around the hotel lobby.

On January 15, the leopard was seen roaming around the lobby of a hotel in the Balorganj neighborhood of Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, UPI reported. The leopard spent about 15 minutes there before it left, possibly due to a lack of service.

According to hotel management, the leopard did not encounter any humans, but some guests saw it leave the building. Witnesses last saw the leopard running towards nearby woods, possibly looking for alternative accommodation.

In 2016, a similar case took place when a leopard broke into a couple’s hotel room in Nainital, Uttarakhand. Fortunately, the leopard did not attack the two and snuck in the bathroom instead. The leopard had been chased by stray dogs before it entered the hotel.

Leopards are native to India. Their numbers have been declining with about 7,910 recorded in 2015.

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