Illustration: Reuters
Illustration: Reuters

Nearly 1,000 German public figures, including politicians, celebrities and journalists, fell victim to the largest data leak in the country’s history, with troves of private information released to the public.

Among the information released were mobile phone numbers, e-mail addresses and private photos, per German daily Bild.

The chief of Germany’s top agency overseeing cybersecurity said that authorities had been in talks with representatives of the targeted entities as early as the beginning of December. The “big release” of personal data, however, did not come until Thursday evening.

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said that there is no indication of direct attack on government entities, rather the data was likely obtained by accessing cloud services, e-mail and social network accounts.

Dpa reported that figures in all major political parties except for the far-right AfD have so far been victimized by the data leaks, citing a statement from the Interior Ministry.

The entire cabinet of Angela Merkel’s administration, as well as the chancellor herself, had private information published, including private e-mails, mobile phone numbers, private addresses and business letters, Bild reported.

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