The snake was secured by an expert. Photo: YouTube

A woman in Eastern Thailand had a scare when a large python was found in her front yard last week. On January 21 in Chonburi province, Prae Supapron was leaving her house for work in the morning when she noticed a four-meter python in the bushes of her front yard, Newsflare reported.

She immediately called her husband, who called snake handlers to the scene and they quickly dealt with the large snake.

Prae said the python scared her as she had never seen a snake in her front yard before. She added that she was grateful to the snake handlers who removed the reptile.

Pythons are constricting snakes and non-venomous. Different types of pythons can grow anywhere from three feet up to 29 feet in length. They hunt by wrapping themselves around their prey and squeezing it to death.

YouTube video

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